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Don’t Feed Internet Trolls

By December 10, 2016Blog + Biz

Don’t Feed Internet Trolls; How to Handle Adverse Commenters

 1. Patronizing

Patronizing internet trolls are those who really don’t like you or your content but hang around for some unknown fulfillment. I file them under trolling because those their comments aren’t outright repulsive but they’re littered with distain. It is these commenters who will agree with you and correct any minor mistake in the same breath or keystroke.

How do you handle these types of commenters, ignore them and allow them to seethe in your greatness.

2. Antagonistic

Depending on the level of activity and cynicism, antagonistic commenters can be annoying. They are the type of internet trolls who like playing “devil’s advocate” just for the sake of being contrary. Sometimes, this can get your other audience members going, but can be a nuisance. Be watchful of this type of internet troll because he can easily transition into an abuser.

How do you handle these types of internet trolls, with a watchful eye. If their presence becomes too much of a distraction to your purpose and content, delete their rhetoric and move right along.

3. Abusive

The unfortunate truth about social media and its commenters is that there are abusive people pecking away at the keyboard. Their sole goal is to share hate, attack, belittle, and treat the internet as a playground for digital ass whippings. These types of internet trolls are dreadful. There’s no competing with them, note who they are, screenshot what was said, then delete, block, and report if needed.

Protect your digital real estate, do not feel the internet trolls.

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