Corde + Co is a 9-year-old personal blog penned by the sharped tongued and witty Reginia Cordell.

Reginia Cordell draws on her experiences as a moody Capricorn living abroad and married to a profession that makes her Mary Poppins by day. Reginia Cordell is the utmost culmination of former blogs: Curb Appeal Confidential, Live, Love, Low Carb, Poised in Print, and the popular Her Perfect Black Dress. Around these parts, we chat about culture, travel, leisure, and various literature is thrown in for good measure. Corde + Co. is also a fiction writer and top influencer as awarded by Trip Advisor with expert opinions on hotels, dining, and excursions in over 100 cities and 36 countries.

…enough of that third person jazz

Short stories extend from life’s experiences, the mishaps of acquaintances, and pretty much whatever is thrown into the mix.

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